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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Press Contact:
Alexander Muromcew

Teton County GOP Elects New Leadership

Local Party Reiterates Commitment to Conservation, Fiscal Responsibility & Respect for Individual Freedoms

Jackson, Wyoming – With an eye towards the 2020 elections, the Teton County Republican Party elected a new slate of officers last month and reiterated their commitment to promoting shared community values of responsible stewardship, fiscal accountability and the protection of individual freedoms.

Alexander Muromcew will serve as Chair of the Teton County Republican Party for the next two years. Other officers include Maureen Murphy as Vice Chair, Nikki Gill as Secretary and Cornelius Kinsey as Treasurer. Teton County Commissioner Mark Barron will serve as State Committeeman and Mary Martin as State Committeewoman.

“I look forward to working with the Executive Committee and other members of the Republican Party to offer a compelling vision and platform for the 2020 Election Year to the entire Teton County Community.”

A new Executive Committee, the governing body of the organization was also elected. Members include Tote Turner, Heidi Schmillen, Chris Woolley, Rob Wallace, Audrey Cohen Davis, Tom Smits and Trey Davis.

On the heels of the election, Muromcew noted the importance of continuing to educate local residents on the priorities important to the local party and laying groundwork for the 2020 elections.

Muromcew replaces outgoing chair, and former Teton County Commissioner, Paul Vogelheim. Muromcew joined members of the local party in praising Vogelheim for his service and leadership.

“Paul has been a terrific leader for both the party and our community for many years,” said Muromcew. “Over the past two years, he’s helped to promote fiscal responsibility, conservation and respect and compassion for individual freedoms – values the local Republican Party hold dear. I join the Teton County Republican Party in thanking Paul for his service.”


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